Dr. Andrea Braverman is a renowned health psychologist specializing in medical health management, infertility counseling, third party reproduction issues, and diabetes care.

A medical diagnosis is scary.  It can overwhelm the strongest individual and rapidly derail even the best laid plans.   But no matter how overpowering your diagnosis may feel, we believe that the journey can be made easier with a little extra support and a safe place to explore your feelings and learn new ways to cope and move forward.

Your medical diagnosis does not have to change your life.  Dr. Braverman can help you journey through your diagnosis with the experienced and compassionate support that you deserve.

Dr. Braverman has been practicing health psychology for over 20 years.  She is a pioneer in infertility psychology, lecturing and teaching across the globe for both professional and patient audiences.  Dr. Braverman has been in the forefront of the development of integrated diabetes care, including working with the medical team as well as engaging emotional and behavioral strategies.  While Dr. Braverman’s expertise has taken her around the world, her real passion is for working with individuals and couples and guiding them through the process of psychologically coping and managing their medical diagnosis.

Dr. Braverman is an Clinical Associate Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Thomas Jefferson University and is the Associate Director of the Educational Core in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Dr. Braverman received the 2011 Timothy Jeffrey Memorial Award for Outstanding Contributions to Clinical Health Psychology from the American Psychological Association Division of Health Psychology, August, 2011.

Dr. Braverman has joined the Advisory Board for the Diabetes Self-Management Education Board for the Jefferson Endocinology group.