Managing the emotional aspects of a medical diagnosis of diabetes and subsequent treatment can often be a rocky road.  With a comprehensive program of support and education, individuals make better decisions, tolerate treatment better, develop good coping strategies and understand the course they will need to navigate.  Being healthy involves your body, mind and emotions and counseling is an important tool in your diabetes management.

Listed below are just a few of the topics to be explored with Dr. Braverman:

  • Understanding the emotional impact of diabetes
  • Exploring what does diabetes mean to how I see myself? 
  • Dealing with family and friends
  • Establishing a good lifestyle, adjustments and quality of life
  • Getting good information ­– finding good resources and dealing with friends and family input
  • Communicating with your doctor and medical team: How to work with medical professionals effectively
  • Coping with complications
  • Managing treatment –“ prescriptions, pills and injections…oh my”
  • Choosing nutrition and exercise
  • Understanding  genetic issues
  • Identifying Stressors and Dysfunctional Thoughts
  • Organizing your questions and getting them answered
  • Stress management:  Introduction to guided imagery, progressive muscle relaxation, and hypnosis